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Illness and Sickness Advice

It is winter and the winter bugs are arriving as usual.

At this time of year it is especially important to follow the best advice to help keep children and staff well and keep schools and nurseries working well.

NHS Lothian have issued the following key advice for Parents and Carers.

The most important message is:

The key advice is the

Children should not return to school until completely well and 48 hours after symptoms have cleared.

The following will help prevent infection at home as well.

In the home the risk of catching or spreading flu/cold like illness can be reduced by:

•Regular hand washing with liquid soap and running water

•Covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing

•Using a disposable paper tissue, disposed off immediately after use.

•You can teach your child to sneeze into the ‘crook’ of their arm rather than their hands, if they don’t have a tissue.

•Good general cleaning of surface that everyone touches often e.g. TV remote, light switches, door handles, toilet flushes and tap heads.


Nursery Tree Trip

We went to Gorgie Road Real Christmas Trees to get a tree for the nursery.  The children looked a  measuring stick to decide what height the tree should be and then walked around the trees to find the one they wanted. They watched the tree being wrapped and put in our trolley before we all headed back to nursery.
Darren and his team very generously gave us the trip for FREE thank you to them, and our own Mrs Brown, for arranging this very generous donation!!

Nursery EAL Support Advice Meeting


(English as an Additional Language)

TUESDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2.00pm- 2.45pm

Mrs Samina Mustaq, our specialist EAL teacher, met with parents whose children have English as an additional language.

She provided advice and answered many questions about how parents u can support their child’s language development in more than one language.  The main advice is keep your home language alive by using it!  This will help develop connections in your child’s brain between English and their home language/s, build on your emotional relationship with them and enable them to speak to other members of the family and language community too!  

Don’t forget to join the City of Edinburgh Library too, where you can order books and other resources in many different languages for both adults and children.

Nursery Library Trip

The Purple and the Blue Groups enjoyed a trip to Fountainbridge Library on Tuesday 26th November for stories, songs and snack. There we met with the RVS and some older people they bring to the library every fortnight.  We all made bookmarks and exchanged them with each other.  Thank you to the parents who came with us and made this a very enjoyable experience.

Nursery Trips to Fountainbridge Library.

The Red and Orange Group enjoyed a trip to Fountainbridge Library on Tuesday 19th November for stories, songs, creative mark making and snack. There we met children and staff from our neighbours at Tynecastle nursery and had snack together.
Joining the library is free and you can join on line.  1000’s of books are available – including books for adults and children in other languages.
Thank you to the parents, and grandmother too, who came with us and made this a very enjoyable experience.

Nursery Final Group Trip to Tollcross Fire Station

The Blue,  Purple and Red Groups visited Tollcross Fire Station on Monday 4th November.  They were shown around the station byCommander Gavin Kotlewski   and the Red Watch.  The children saw inside a fire engine and tried on Fire Fighter uniforms and learned more about how to keep themselves safe and away from fire and fire works. This time of year, with Fire Works Night on the 5th of November, the fire station gets twice as many call outs as usual.  Teaching the children about fire safety is very important!