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Dalry Elections 2019

Over the last two weeks Dalry has been busy with our yearly elections.

2019 Dalry Clan Chiefs and Deputes

2019/20 Dalry Clan Chiefs and Deputes

We had 2 assemblies featuring amazing hustings from a massive range of candidates. All of them had written passionate speeches putting forth their well considered reasons for standing and the attributes and policies that would make them good for their role.

Any of our amazing candidates would have brought something special to the role, we were truly impressed with the way each and every candidate conducted their campaigns and we congratulate all of them on the hard work, thought and effort that led to the hustings and elections.

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After these 2 weeks of campaigning ballots were cast across our school and the results are in.

Our clan chief teams are as follows…


Jayden and Rishon



Aoife and Kayleigh



Matthew and Zina



Thanish and Ewa

Tollcross P6 pupils to Join us at Dalry Next Week

Dear Parents and Carers

You will be aware of the fire incident in Fountainbridge earlier this week which happened immediately adjacent to Tollcross Primary School.

While the school wasn’t damaged in any way a safety zone has been created which has decreased the number of classroom spaces at Tollcross.

I have agreed to release space at our school to accommodate Primary 6 pupils and their staff. This will have a limited impact on our school but it is important that we support our neighbours at this difficult time and I am sure the Dalry School community will make them feel very welcome.

To those P6 families and staff at Tollcross who’ll be with us next week, we look forward to meeting you, sharing our school with you, and to supporting you in this difficult time.

Mrs Honeyman

First Parent Council Meeting TODAY

Dear Parents and Carers,


The first Parent Council meeting of the year will take place on Monday 9th September from 4-5PM in room 3. (P7 classroom on the ground floor)

There will be a creche for school aged children from 4-5PM in room 7. The creche will be supervised by Miss Smith, one of our Pupil Support Assistants.

One of the items the Parent Council will be discussing are changes to the way in which the EAL (English as an Additional Language) Service will operate. There will be members from the ASL Service to talk to parents and answer any questions.

It is very important that as many parents as possible try to attend this meeting to ensure that your views are heard.


Kind regards


Mrs Honeyman