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Nursery Reading Rainbows


All our pre-school children were invite to attend a special session at Fountainbridge Library on either 29th May or 31st May where they all received a Reading Rainbows bag. The bags, which contain two books, a white board, pens, and parent postcards. Reading Rainbows aims to spark a love of reading among pre-schoolers, giving them the best start when they begin school. The project is also designed to support parents and carers to share books and stories with their children, encouraging them to think about the tales together and to visit libraries more often.  At Dalry Nursery Class the Reading Rainbows books also become the focus for many of our transition activities, including visits to the library, classroom activities and our  ‘Moving Up Day’ on the 11th June for those children who are starting Primary 1 at Dalry in August.  These activities help to support our pre-school children prepare for their move to Primary 1 in August.


Reading Rainbows are supported by City of Edinburgh Council’s Library and Information Service and Children and Families Service.

Nursery Museum Explorers


All our pre-schoolers recently received a free Reading Rainbows book bag thanks to the City of Edinburgh Council.  One of the books was ‘Dear Dinosaur’ and this has been the focus of the nursery’s learning as we build up toward our transition ‘Moving Up Day’ on Tuesday 12th June.

This week we all visited the National Museum of Scotland to see their very own T-Rex and had a great day out including a picnic lunch in the Meadows Park and a visit to their playground.  The weather was just so glorious that all treated ourselves to an ice-lolly!  Some of us were so tired after our fun packed day that we fell asleep on the bus!

A ‘BIG’ Thank You to all the family members that came with us on these trips.  We hope you enjoy our photos.

Nursery Weekly Learning Week beginning: 28 May

Hello Everyone!

What we are learning about:

Dinosaurs – Identifying Evidence from the Past/Fossils

Names and Sounds of Letters of the Alphabet – Alliteration       Size, Measurement & Sorting – Preparing for Transition to Primary 1

Our Story:                         ‘Dear Dinosaur’

Our Song/Rhyme:   ‘Ten Big Dinosaurs’   ‘Five Little Dinosaurs’

(song words on nursery page of Dalry School website & Learning Journals)

Our Vocabulary Boost Word/s:

Keen – very excited about and interested in something

Reply – to do say or write something as an answer

Fossil – something that remains from a plant or animal that lived a long time ago

Our Signalong Sign:      ‘school’

Our Hello:       as-salam alaykom   (Arabic)

The following activities will be taking place:


Tuesday:   Pre-schoolers Trip to Library – RED & ORANGE & PURPLE


Thursday: Pre-schoolers Trip to Library – GREEN & YELLOW & BLUE

Friday: Woodland Explorers

If you would like further information please speak to a member of staff.


Ten Big Dinosaurs

(to tune of ‘10 Little Indians’)

1 big, 2 big, 3 big dinosaurs,

4 big, 5 big, 6 big dinosaurs,

7 big, 8 big, 9 big dinosaurs,

10 big dinosaurs!

They all lived a long, long time ago.

They all lived a long, long time ago.



Five Little Dinosaurs 

Sung to: ” 5 Little Ducks”

One little dinosaur went out to play

On a bright and sunny day

She had such ENORMOUS fun

That she called another dinosaur to come.
(Call very loud) DI-NO-SAUR!

(Then chant while patting hands on laps) Thump! Thump! Thump!


The children, parents and staff had great fun in the pool at Dalry Swim Centre on Thursday 10th May and Thursday 17th May.

For some children it was their very first time swimming.  Everyone really enjoyed playing with the toys and floats and learning to kick our legs and move our arms in the water at the same time.  There are several Swim Centres in the city run by Edinburgh Leisure.  The summer holiday is a great time to book swimming lessons and help your child to develop their swimming skills.

Gorgie Farm trip for the Nursery

The nursery enjoyed the arrival of Spring at Gorgie Farm.  We saw goats, ducks, sheep, and lots of pigs and chickens!  We even bought chicken eggs and made them into egg sandwiches for our snack the next day. A BIG ‘Thank You’ to all the parents who helped us make this trip and made it such a great day out.

The farm is a great place for families to visit and is just 10 minutes from the school, along Gorgie Road.  Their lovely café is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.