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Nursery Harvest Celebration

Parents and all the nursery children join us as we visited St Martin’s Church for our annual Harvest Celebration where we gifted the food and toiletries our generously donated to the church  so that they can be distributed to those in need in our local community.

We were met by Yousouf Gooljary, the Rector, who spoke to us about the importance of sharing.

Thank you to St Martin’s, Yousouf, the parents and grandparents who came with us, and all the children who learned so much about sharing with others.


Nursery Toy Library Trio

Parents and carers were invited to join us on a visit this wonderful local resource which has over 240 toys you and your child can borrow and a playgroup too, all based at St Martin’s Church every Monday morning and just 5 minutes from the school along Dalry road!  

Stuart Campbell introduced the adults to the Toy Library resources and explained how to access and use their on-line catalogue and book resources which can then be pick-up at St Martin’s.  Why spend lots of money on expensive toys which your child may soon grow tired of when you can borrow what they want for 50p for up to three weeks at a time. 

The children had a great time too playing with the toys available at the playgroup!!!

Thank you to all the parents/carers children who joined us and Stuart and all the staff at ST Martin’s.

Nursery Big Sing


We invited all family members and friends to join us for some fun at the Dalry Nursery Class ‘BIG SING’ Tuesday 17th September 9.00am  for the GREEN YELLOW BLUE GROUPS and Thursday 19th September 9.00am for the RED  PURPLE ORANGE GROUPS.

We sang some of our favourite songs with Yousouf Gooljary, St Martin’s Church rector, joining us with his guitar!