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A P1 Week

P1s have been working hard this week writing numbers and practising letter formation on whiteboards.

We always have fun on a Wednesday when Ricky comes to teach us different games. This week we were outside and inside playing games! 

Phonics In P1/2

We have started to learn our initial sounds and have enjoyed discovering new ways to work on our motor skills, which will help us for our letters correctly. Some children are beginning to blend these sounds and read and create words all by themselves! 

P1 Worry Dolls

P1 read the story,  ‘ Silly Billy,’ we discussed things we worry about and made worry dolls to share our worries with. The children worked very hard using lots of different colours and we talked about ways that help us stop worrying.

P1 Conkers Autumn

P1 have been using conkers to count with and put them in order from smallest to largest.

We went on a Autumn walk in our playground and found different kinds of leaves, berries, apples and made shadows on the ground and we saw Mrs Smith’s rabbits!

We made print patterns with potatoes and have a lovely display of them in the corridor outside our classroom.

P2 Recycling Task

As part of our Under the Sea topic we have been discussing and investigating pollution of our seas and oceans. As well as that, we have been discussing the effects of single use plastic and why it is important to recycle and reuse. 

Our task this week was to sort and organise a variety of items into different recycling bins. We worked hard to share jobs such as cutting and organising, as well as listening to our peers and their suggestions. How do you recycle at home? 

Mr Bennett Picks Up The ‘Pop

With Mr Wilson leaving this week we would like to thank Mr Bennett (pictured) for stepping in as our interim crossing patrol while the recruitment for Bill’s successor goes ahead. This has been crucial to help maintain social distancing measures by allowing families to meet in the wider space next to LIDL.

Mr B. takes post for the first time.

Mr Bennett has now invested in some new shoes to help in this role as the nights draw in.