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P4 Book and Bake sale on Wednesday 26th

P4 & P4/3 are going to have a book & bake sale as part of their ‘running a business enterprise’ & ‘Make a Difference’ topic. The plan is to have it on the morning of Wednesday 26th June in P4 & P4/3’s classroom. (One room will sell books and the other room will sell the cakes.) We are hoping to raise money for 2 local charities, Gorgie FarmGorgie Food Bank.

If you would like your child to buy cake or books do send some cash in on the 26th.

P5 John Muir Award Assembly

P5 has been working hard all year towards their Discovery level John Muir Award.  Pupils have to discover and explore a wild place.  We visited Corstorphine Hill on a number of days during the year.  They had to help with a conservation activity and for this the class helped sow a wildflower meadow in Murieston Park which will come into flower in July or August – feel free to visit!  Finally the had to share their learning with others.  The class has had a lot of fun and led an assembly on 10th June to share what they had done.  Well done all!

Click here for the P5 assembly Powerpoint slide show with photos from the trip.