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Generation Science In the Nursery

Nursery had generation science out at the beginning of this week to explore the science behind sound through storytelling, use of props, demonstrations, discussions and instruments. The children were really engaged throughout the whole session, particularly when they had the chance to create and use their own instruments.
By the end of the session many children could name instruments and could tell the difference between high and low pitch using their own voices.

Chinese Lantern Art

Primary 7 have been working on a project with local artist Damien Callen. During our 5 week project, Damien has been assisting us with creating our very own Chinese Lanterns inspired by those at Edinburgh Zoo. The class decided to. Feats a collaboration piece Of an ocean scene, creating animals such as octopus, jelly fish, sea snakes, dolphins and fish. I think you’ll agree they look fish-tactic!


P7 World War 2 Project

Primary 7 have been learning about WWII the last few months. We’ve had a fantastic time learning about key dates and events including Anne Frank, The Blitz, The Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbor to name just a few!
P7 were amazed by the real WWII memorabilia which was kindly brought in by
Ms Kelly.

They enjoyed hearing about the history of all of objects and getting to Pass them around to get a proper look!

To celebrate the end of our learning about this topic we had a VE Day style celebration showcasing some of our work!

We also had a visit from two local celebrities, Margaret and Eileen who lived in Dalry during the war and were evacuated after a bomb strike! The class loved hearing their stories and asking them lots of questions!

P7 International Week

P7 have been learning about China and Poland during International week.
The Tinglan teacher from Edinburgh Zoo came into class to teach us about the history of the panda. Some of the P7 children taught us Polish phrases, read Polish stories and even showed us how to play Polish edition of rock, paper, scissors! Nati also brought in some tasty Polish treats for us to have a nibble on!