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P2 Space Outing

P2 enjoyed a brilliant visit to the National Museum of Scotland to complete their Soace topic.
The children touched ancient meteorites, saw an enormous telescope and completed the Space trail challenge.
We managed to fit in a look at the other amazing exhibits too.
It was a great end to the term!

Easter Egg Competition

It’s the last week before the Easter holiday and that can only mean it was time for the Dalry Primary Egg Painting Contest!

As usual standards were high.

Our big winners were

P1a: Oscar and Jashu

P1b: Jana and Jaswanth

P1c: Rachel and Aliza

P2a: Lily and Devin

P2b: Archie and Drupad

P3: Eli and Presha

P4:Maya and Alysha

P4/3Harshu and Callum

P5: Sewin and Rishon

P6: Thanish and a group effort from Aoife, Sreyaa and Nati

P7: Shree and Nikolas

Well done to them and all those who took part.


Parent Consultations

We held very successful Parents Consultations this week in school. The teachers, pupils and parents enjoyed learning conversations about the children’s progress and next steps.

The Pupil Council set up a very popular Healthy Snack stall to promote good choices for playtime snacks and also to include in lunch boxes.

Our P6 and P7 pupils consulted our parents on our new school vision, values and aims, as well as our teaching of languages at Dalry Primary School.

P2A Space Explorers

Over the last few weeks primary 2a have been working hard on our space topic.

We have explored life on the international space station, investigated the planets, stars and moons in our solar system and learnt lots about how astronauts prepare for their journeys into space!
Last week we speculated about aliens… Do they exist? We don’t think so but we decided to make some Play-Doh versions ourselves have a look!

We also collected lots of recycling materials to create our very own rockets. We worked together in small teams to build the best rocket we could.

Make sure to take a look at our fabulous space pictures made with paper cuttings and oil pastels outside our classroom!