Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher:  Elaine Honeyman                         

Depute Head Teacher: Vanessa Kelly

Senior Development Officer: Michaela Mason

Principal Teacher: Lesley Laidler

Business Manager: Elaine O’Donnell

Class Teachers

P1: Miss Low

P1/2:  Miss McDermot and Mrs Macdonald

P2a: Miss McArthur

P2b: Mrs Gunstone and Mrs Chadwick

P3a: Mrs Clements

P3b: Mrs Chadwick and Miss MacPherson

P3/4: Miss Bacigalupo

P4: Mrs Clements

P5/4: Ms Shepherd

P5: Ms Younger

P6:L Mrs Laidler and Mrs MacDonald

P7: Miss Curran

Nursery Team

Nursery Teacher: Mrs O’Connor

Nursery Admin Assistant: Mrs Crilly

Early years Officer: Miss Russell

Early Years Practioners: Miss Brough, Mrs Brown, Miss Rennie, Mrs Grant, Miss Moss, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Roy Ms Lee and Mrs Newcombe.

Early Years Assistants: Mrs Murphy and Mrs McVey

Specialist Teachers

PE: Mr Devine (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Music: Mrs Ewen (Mon/Tues)

Support Staff

School Administrator: Mrs Howden

School Admin Assistant: Mrs Lockey

Service Support Officer: Mrs Smith

Pupil Support Assistants: Miss Smith, Mrs Arundel , Mrs Duggal, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Roy, Mr Bennett, Mrs Harris-Toner, Miss Mason, Mrs Innes, Mr Rodgers, Ms Del Valle Rubio, Mr Posigo Riz and Mrs McCleary.

Music Instrument Instructors

Strings: Miss Moran

Drums: Ms Millar

Chanter: Ms Millar