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Nursery Final Group Trip to Tollcross Fire Station

The Blue,  Purple and Red Groups visited Tollcross Fire Station on Monday 4th November.  They were shown around the station byCommander Gavin Kotlewski   and the Red Watch.  The children saw inside a fire engine and tried on Fire Fighter uniforms and learned more about how to keep themselves safe and away from fire and fire works. This time of year, with Fire Works Night on the 5th of November, the fire station gets twice as many call outs as usual.  Teaching the children about fire safety is very important!

Generous Donation From Wickes

Some of our children and staff visited Wicked on Stevenson Road where they met  managers JP and Hugh Garrity and assistant Ennie who presented they with FREE liners for our sand pit.  The children will enjoy helping to put the liner and sand in place during the coming week.
Thank you once again to the staff of Wickes and our own Mrs Brown who arranged the gifting!

Nursery Fire Day

We went to Tollcross fire station where we learned more about the role of the fire service, how they keep us safe and what I can do to keep myself safe too.  This is especially important at this time of the year when people celebrate Halloween, Diwali and Fire Works Night with fireworks, by lighting candles and having bonfires.
We saw inside fire engines and learned more about their equipment and including the fire fighters uniform, helmet and masks and I got to practice using the fire hose. ​
We also saw two fire engines leave the fire station to respond to emergencies. ​
We gave the firefighters a BIG box of biscuits as a thank you!
Thank you to all the parents who joined us and made this trip possible.

Nursery Harvest Celebration

Parents and all the nursery children join us as we visited St Martin’s Church for our annual Harvest Celebration where we gifted the food and toiletries our generously donated to the church  so that they can be distributed to those in need in our local community.

We were met by Yousouf Gooljary, the Rector, who spoke to us about the importance of sharing.

Thank you to St Martin’s, Yousouf, the parents and grandparents who came with us, and all the children who learned so much about sharing with others.