Welcome to Dalry Primary School

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Welcome to Dalry Primary School

Our School  was built in 1876 and serves the local community of Dalry in the West of Edinburgh. We are a non-denominational, co-educational Primary School.

Our main school hosts pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7, and we currently are organised into twelve classes.

We  have a flourishing Nursery Department which offers places from 8:30am to 3pm Monday – Thursday and 8.30am – 12.30pm on Fridays or Monday – Thursday 8.30 – 12.30pm . Please get in touch with the school office for more information on nursery hours.

Dalry Primary has pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries. We are very proud of the multicultural nature of our school, and as a community we actively promote an ethos which values the contributions that all of our families bring. We are a highly transient school population with skilled staff who support the transition process with confidence.

Our school values are

Developing Confidence Building Learning Having Fun

 We hope you enjoy looking at our Website.

Elaine Honeyman

Head Teacher

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Dalry Primary School

  1. Olive Kinnear

    I watched the programme on BBC2 last night and saw Dalry school on it. I went to Dalry 1946-1953. I remember our old school song well and wonder how I can get a copy of it. Thank you.

    Olive Kinnear ( nee Greenan)


  2. Laura Thompson

    I live locally and have a two year old daughter. I am looking into nursery provision for her for next academic session when she will be three. Can you please let me know what you offer.
    Thank you kindly,
    Laura Thompson


    1. Dalry Primary Edinburgh Post author

      You should be able to find out much about the Nursery on our nursery page. In particular you can read the nursery booklet 2017/18 linked on that page. As your child is over 2 they can now be registered as interested in a nursery place, if you wish to do so please contact the school administrators for more information on this process. Again their details are in the nursery booklet.
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Dalry Primary Webteam


  3. Jesse Lyda

    Hello, our family is moving from the US in a few weeks. We have a 3 yr old (to be 4 this December) and would appreciate any guidance into enrolling our son into a Nursery program. It is our understanding that schools are neighborhood based and that Dalry is the school in our district. This is our first time living in the UK, so any useful information or direction on what/when/where we should be looking for help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    1. Dalry Primary Edinburgh Post author


      There are 2 ways to access nursery provision in Scotland.

      One is to use a council provided nursery such as ours. These currently run only during school term time for hours close to school hours (details here) Please call our office for more information on funding and visiting the nursery.

      The other is to use a private nursery. Many of these offer 8am-6pm cover 51 weeks a year. Your council funding is applied to the cost and then you pay the difference.

      Your place in your local state school at school starting age (what you would call a public school) is unaffected by your choice to use either type of nursery.

      I hope this is helpful to you and future visitors.

      The nursery application process for a council nursery place is via this link


    2. Dalry Primary Edinburgh Post author

      One extra thing to note. If your child is 4 this December they will be starting school next August and so you will need to apply for a school place soon as well. We will have open days to visit and apply later in the autumn so keep an eye on the website for dates.



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