P2 Space Outing

P2 enjoyed a brilliant visit to the National Museum of Scotland to complete their Soace topic.
The children touched ancient meteorites, saw an enormous telescope and completed the Space trail challenge.
We managed to fit in a look at the other amazing exhibits too.
It was a great end to the term!

Easter Egg Competition

It’s the last week before the Easter holiday and that can only mean it was time for the Dalry Primary Egg Painting Contest!

As usual standards were high.

Our big winners were

P1a: Oscar and Jashu

P1b: Jana and Jaswanth

P1c: Rachel and Aliza

P2a: Lily and Devin

P2b: Archie and Drupad

P3: Eli and Presha

P4:Maya and Alysha

P4/3Harshu and Callum

P5: Sewin and Rishon

P6: Thanish and a group effort from Aoife, Sreyaa and Nati

P7: Shree and Nikolas

Well done to them and all those who took part.


P2 Roots of Empathy News

This month P2 is has been finding out about how babies sleep and how important sleep is for the baby and parents. We have had a another visit from Arthur and his mum Miss Younger and the children were excited to see Arthur and see how much he is grown since we last weighed and measured him in November last year. Miss Younger shared with the children Arthur’s sleep pattern and what how she knows when he is feeling sleepy and needs a nap. Also that as he is so young and doing a lot of growing, he needs more sleep than the P2s need and we all require different circumstances to help us have a good sleep.

P2 really enjoyed learning about the different sleep cycles of REM and non-REM sleep and the different transitional objects that soothe babies and help them sleep. The children have enjoyed sharing their experiences and how they sleep and their favourite toy or blanket that helps them to fall sleep. In addition the children discovered how parents safely put their babies down to sleep on their backs, how temperament and routine is different for every baby.

Please check out our Roots of Empathy notice board in Mrs McDermot’s class room and https://uk.rootsofempathy.org/