Phonics Resources for Parents

Here are some resources you can use to help your child in their reading and which we are also using in school.

These resources use the phonics system where we teach the sounds letters can make rather than the names of the letters.


Edinburgh Sounds Poster

A full list of all the sounds we use, coded by colours. Maybe get your child to tell you the ones they know and check them against some of our other resources below.


Sounds of the English Alphabet

If you click on the header above you will find a full list of the basic letter sounds of English to practice reading and sounding out with your child.


Sounds of Vowel Digraphs in English

If you click on the above header you will find the list of the next stage of phonics learning: vowel digraphs. These are vowel sounds that are written in English not as a single letter, but as a combination. Click on each to practice reading and sounding out with your child.


Jolly Phonics Alphabet Song

Mr Thorne Does Phonics

A youtube Playlist of all the sounds, produced by a teacher called Mr Thorne.