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Mr D Has Sent a Video Message From All the Teachers

The teachers, through Mr D, have made a video message for you all.

They have so much to say it’s in two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Easter Fun Grids

The teachers have been getting some more grids ready for you for the holidays!

But don’t worry It’s not extra learning (or teaching parents and carers). These are extra fun.

Below are some great ideas for having fun at home during these slightly strange holidays!

Early Level (P1 and P1/2)

Easter Activity Grid P1 and P1-2

First Level (P2, P3 and P4)

Easter Activity Grid P2-P4

Second Level (P5, P6 and P7)

Easter Activity Grid P5-P7

Music Fun

Easter Music Activities P5-7

Easterr Music Activities Nursery-P1

Easter Music Activities P2-P4


Keep Going with PE over the Holidays!

PE learning grid Dalry Early pdf

dalry 1st level PE Grid pdf

Dalry 2nd Level PE grid




Home Learning Grids For Week Commencing 30th March

Here are the Home Learning Grids and Documents for this week.


Mr D’s PE Learning

Dalry P1  PE Grid (also appropriate for nursery)

dalry P2-P4 PE Grid pdf

Dalry P5-P7 PE grid



Dalry P1 Home Learning Grid Week 2


P1/2 (P1s)

P1/2 P1s Home learning grid Week 2


P2 Classes (including P2s in P1/2)

Dalry P2 Learning grid Week 2


P3 Classes

P3 Home Learning Grid – 30.3.20

P3a Spelling Words -er

P3b Spelling words -er



P4 Home learning Grid Week 2

P4 spelling


P5 and P5/4

ier Spelling words

P5 and P5_4 school closure learning grid 2


P6 (assignments may also be set in TEAMS online learning site)

P6 Home Learning Grid Week 2


P7 (assignments may also be set in TEAMS online learning site)

P7 Class Timetable

P7 Home Learning week 2

P7 Home Learning spelling 2&3



Edinburgh Zoo and the Confucius institute Scotland have put all the resources for the Beyond the Panda project online.

Beyond the Panda Resources

An Eggciting Anouncement

At Dalry Primary the last week before Easter break means one thing above all others.


Dalry Primary Shall Not Be Stopped by a Little Pandemic


Do not rush out to the supermarket yet though, there is a difference this year…..

Full details of how to enter the 2020 Dalry Easter Egg Challenge can be found RIGHT HERE!

So Get Cracking!

Teacher Twitter Accounts

Our staff team have been getting individual twitter accounts set up to have another channel of communication with the children and families throughout the school closure.

You will find anything they think useful from videos to tips and extra info on the home learning.

While you can ask general questions about the home learning on these channels anything personal to your families or complex and specific should still be sent to the school admin email inbox as usual to be dealt with in more than 280 characters.

Also please note that while management have added an account for them this is very much a broadcast channel and way to support the teacher channels. It is not for parent enquiries. If it is of a nature that involves talking to management it is still best done via email.

Please be aware this is new tech for some of our teachers who may not even have sent a first tweet.

Twitter Username
Miss Curran P7 �@UpdatesCurran
Management Team (see note) �@DHeidies
Miss Low P1 �@UpdatesLow
Miss Mcdermot P1/2 �@UpdatesMcDermot
Mrs MacDonald P6 and P/2 �@NewsMacDonald
Mrs Laidler P6 �@LaidlerMrs
Miss MacPherson P3b �@Miss_MacP
Ms Shepherd P5/4 �@UpdatesShepherd
Mrs Clements P3a �@NewsClements
Mrs Gunstone P2b �@newsgunstone
Mrs Chadwick P2b and P3b �@TweetsChadwick
Miss McArthur P2a �@UpdatesMcArthur
Mr Devine PE �@pe_mrd
Miss Bacigalupo P4 �@Miss_Baci
Ms Younger P5 �@DalryTeam

Mr Bennett @Mr BennettTweets

Mrs Ewen Music @MrsE_Music

School Main account @Dalry1876