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City Of Edinburgh Council Reopening Update Letter

Please read the attached letter for City of Edinburgh Council regarding updated planning for reopening in August in light of the Deputy First Minister’s statement yesterday.

Statement on Reopening of Schools 24 June 2020

If you need support to read this letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

End of Term Newsletter June 2020 With 2020/21 Teacher Hellos

Please find attached the end of term newsletter from Mrs Honeyman.

While it does contain the list of new teachers for next session there are  also reveal videos coming by parent mail today and listed below, so you may wish to save the news of who your child’s teacher is until they watch that video.

If you are in the year P1 currently (including those P1s in P1/2) then please check your email for your class next year and correct video.

Final June 2020 newsletter



P2s from P1/2 to P3b

P2a to P3a

P2b to P3b  

P3a to P4a

P3b to P4b

P4 to P5

4/5 to 5/6

P5 to P6

P6 to P7

Joining P1 August 2020- Transition Update


If your child is joining Dalry Primary School from either our Nursery or another nearby nursery this summer then hello to them and you! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Normally during this time we would be doing transition activities to introduce your child to school. These are normally based around a picture book.

This year that book is ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

Here is link to a letter about that project P1 Transition Bear Hunt

We also have a link to the City of Edinburgh council early years website where there is more information on how they are supporting transition into school this year during lockdown.

Easter Fun Grids

The teachers have been getting some more grids ready for you for the holidays!

But don’t worry It’s not extra learning (or teaching parents and carers). These are extra fun.

Below are some great ideas for having fun at home during these slightly strange holidays!

Early Level (P1 and P1/2)

Easter Activity Grid P1 and P1-2

First Level (P2, P3 and P4)

Easter Activity Grid P2-P4

Second Level (P5, P6 and P7)

Easter Activity Grid P5-P7

Music Fun

Easter Music Activities P5-7

Easterr Music Activities Nursery-P1

Easter Music Activities P2-P4


Keep Going with PE over the Holidays!

PE learning grid Dalry Early pdf

dalry 1st level PE Grid pdf

Dalry 2nd Level PE grid