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P3 Further Forest Adventures

P3 have been enjoying further weekly trips to explore the world outside through our forest schools programme.

The highlights of their recent sessions are below.

Session 3

‘We all enjoyed building shelters this week. We had to work well as a team and when we were finished we were rewarded with hot chocolate!’

Session 4

‘We made a fire this week. Everyone had to help gather wood of different sizes. Once the fire was lit we had marshmallows- yummy!’

Session 5

‘Had lots of fun exploring the forest and kept warm with a game of follow the leader. We all made journey stick to remind us of the adventures that we have had.’

Session 6

‘Our last session was great fun. As it was Halloween, we made a giant spider’s web and everyone had to try to cross it without getting stuck! We all made tree spirits to say goodbye to the forest.’

Check Our Chess Team’s Success

Dalry Primary School first team won  Best P6/7 Intermediate Level Team at the Lothian Junior Chess Team Tournament on the 4th of November.

Team members were Adni (P7),Ashil (P6), Adam (P7) and Fabio (P7).
Dalry Primary entered a P5 and under Team for the first time they did really well and enjoyed their first tournament.
Earlier in the year two Dalry pupils, Ilamaran and Rishon received medals for winning matches at the October chess taster sessions.

Halloween Party (P1-3)

It was a pretty spooky Hallowe’en party this week for P1-3!

We had an amazing Hallowe’en party on Tuesday night. The children from P1 to P7 who attended all loved the hall decorations, party games, prizes and snack. Many thanks to all of the staff who gave up their time to attend and support their classes, and also to Miss Low who did an amazing job of running both parties. I’d like to say a special thank you to Mrs Smith the janitor for her amazing hard work and effort in organising the entire party for us.

P3 Learn Butter Down Pat

We all got a good work out when we tried to make butter last week. Our first attempt with single cream failed but we tried again with double cream and were delighted with the results!

The children shook cream in a bottle, after a while we noticed that the sound it made and texture had changed. When we opened the bottle we discovered that we had made butter and buttermilk.