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Buddy Time for P6 and P2a

P6 will be buddying up with P2a this year!

This term we will be working in small groups to create different structures using the Loose Parts Play equipment.

This week we built an obstacle course and gave feedback to each group.

Buddying has given us the opportunity to work on our communication, organisation and creativity skills!

Watch out for more photos and see how our relationships Blossom with P2a!

P2a Shape Detectives

P2a have been investigating the properties of 2d shapes.

We made some shapes in class and then took them on a shape hunt around our school grounds. Among others, we found squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons!

We’ve also been doing some vexillological shape finding. Looking at shapes in flags.

We will be looking for more shapes around our homes and local environments as part of our home learning tasks.