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COVID-19 Updates for EAL families and Non English Speakers

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have added translated information about COVID-19 to our website.

The links to each version are at the bottom of this post.

You will find this post and all future translated information at


Please click the links to access information in the following languages

Albanian Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Amharic Covid-19 Guidance – 13.3.2020

Arabic Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Bengali Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Dari Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

English Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Farsi Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

French Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Hindi Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Kurdish Sorani Covid19 Guidance 13.03.2020

Malayalam Covid-19 Guidance 13.3.2020

Mandarin Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Pashto Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Portuguese Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Somali Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Spanish Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Tigrinya Covid-19 Guidance 13.3.2020

Turkish Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Urdu Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Vietnamese Covid-19 Guidance 13.03.2020


School Closure Preperation

Following the announcement of potential school closures we have been working as a team to prepare for home learning. Please find attached letter with information. If your child attended school today they will have been sent home with a home learning pack.

If your child is absent from school and you are not self-isolating you may collect your pack from the school office.

Please read the letter linked below with information on the packs. This letter was written earlier today before the official confirmation of school closure. Apologies that we have not had time to edit it to reflect the changing situation.

Keep following the website for more information.

Home Learning Information

Message from the Headteacher Re: COVID-19

We are following guidance from the NHS and are in communication with Edinburgh Council regarding the COVID-19 virus.

We are using NHS guidance for managing educational settings. I will keep you updated with any further information as I receive it.

There was a letter with some further information released in our last post today and which will also be sent home to parents.


Nursery Play on Pedals

We began our Play on Pedals lessons learning to ride Balance Bikes with our pre-school children.
We learned the names of the different parts of a bike – wheel, saddle, handlebars and break.  We practiced how to put on our helmets so that we can keep our heads safe.  Then we learned how to use the breaks, geet on the bikes and to glide along using ‘bunny feet’ which means using our two feet at the same time to push along and then stop using our break.  
We will continue our lessons on a regular basis.