Policies, Documents and reports

Education System in Scotland Information Documents


Other language versions are in the folders linked below

Education in Scotland (Oct. 2022)

Assessment – Reporting – Qualifications (Oct. 2022)

Parents as Partners (Oct. 2022)


Useful Information Edinburgh Schools

Term Dates 

Dalry Policies and Reports

DalryPrimary School – Attendance policy

Education Scotland Inspection Report)

Dalry PS Renewal Plan 2021 2022

Dalry Primary School Play Policy

Relationships Learning and Behaviour Policy March 2022

Dalry Primary Child Protection Policy August 2018

Communication and Contact with Parents Policy

Mobile phone policy

Nursery Handbook Oct 21

Announcement Info Parent Pay


Dalry Maths Policy May 2017

Dalry Literacy Policy January 2017

Religious Observance Policy 2018

Dalry Primary School Curriculum Rationale August 2020

Preventing and Responding to Bullying and Prejudice Amoungst Children and Young People March 2022

Edinburgh Sounds Poster

Dalry School Song

Home Learning Position Paper and Resouces

Play Position Paper May 19

Selecting Pupils for Classes Procedure May 2020 FINAL

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/languages

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