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Brainwaves! in P5/6


P5/6 have been investigating how we learn. We are learning that our brains are incredibly flexible and that with effort and exercise, we can train them to more effective. As part of our learning, we made Brain Hats, illustrating the different areas of our brains and their functions.

Art Attack!

We have been making the most of our talent this year to explore two very different artistic styles. We have used the art and design skills of Scotland’s own Charles Rennie MacIntosh to create the beautiful McIntosh Rose, and the Pointillisme dot-colouring technique of French Impressionist Georges Seurat to create stunning Sunflowers.

P5/6 Storyboards

As part of our Talk for Writing programme, P5/6 have been generating visual storyboards in order to illustrate the various stages in the development of an imaginative story.

These storyboards help us to plan, block and paragraph the various steps in the story. 

Fountainbridge Library is Open

Fountainbridge is one of the 6 libraries in the city that is open at present and they hope to welcome Dalry pupils with their parents and carers.

Library staff are constantly aware of all PPE requirements. Books returned are in quarantine for 3 days.

Opening hours have been revised and are Mon and Wed 1pm-5pm

                                                                            Tues, Fri and Sat 10am-2pm

There are NO fines to pay when you bring books back in at present. To take more you will need to make an appointment either via the library website or by phoning 0131 529 5616.

For nursery families there are rhymes on the library’s Facebook page.

Visit the council webpage for the library at

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

Children in Scotland Diversity Project

We have had the following message aimed at second level pupils from Children in Scotland.

Children in Scotland is teaming up with GTCS on another project. This time on diversity (particularly from a race point of view) in Scottish education. It is launching today – I am very excited!

We are looking for a group of diversity champions. Aged 8-18. We will be meeting them online on a Monday after school in November/early December. Everyone is welcome, but of course it is really important we hear from children from a BAME background. 

Do you think you have pupils who might be interested in applying?  It would be great to have someone from Dalry in the group. I wonder if you might want to share it in school, on Twitter etc? (Closing date for applications is Friday 30th October.)

Here is the link to our website for more info:

Or Facebook:

Dalry Elections 2020

Over the two weeks before autumn break Dalry was busy with our yearly elections.

We would normally have 2 assemblies featuring hustings but thanks to COVID-19 this year we had to do video hustings. All candidates had written passionate speeches putting forth their reasons for standing and the attributes and policies that would make them good for their role.

Any of our amazing candidates would have brought something special to the role, we were truly impressed with the way each and every candidate conducted their campaigns and we congratulate all of them on the hard work, thought and effort that led to the hustings and elections.

After these 2 weeks of campaigning via poster and video election day arrived.

Again this was unusual! We would normally have announced this at assembly but this year that was impossible, so Mr Linton and P5/6 stepped up to make the day extra special by running an election count themed announcement over teams.

Scenes at both the count and in classes were electric.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our clan chief teams are as follows…


Rishon and Xiu


Kayleigh and Maya


Zina and Karim


Alysha and Ghazal


Technology Parent Survey

We are still seeking your responses to our August survey request to parents and carers.

The results of this survey are vital to our school COVID 19 contingency planning.

We need responses from parents and carers to this survey regardless of if you completed our previous survey during the spring lockdown earlier in 2020.

Please could you click the below link to access the post regarding the survey and the survey link.

Please can all parents and carers complete this short survey and complete one form per child.

If you need support to read this letter via translation into an additional language and to complete the survey please contact the translation service using this link

Muir Award with P5/6 and P6

During the lockdown in Term 4 this year, pupils from the then P5 and P5/4 (now P5/6 and P6) at Dalry Primary School (and their families) worked towards their John Muir Discovery Award.

A range of activities was suggested within each week’s learning grid and pupils’ work was sent to teachers on Twitter.  We found out about the life of John Muir, we walked sections of the John Muir way, we created Nature Art and we completed activities in the Mission: Explore booklet from the John Muir Trust.

To help conserve our environment we created bird feeders and bug hotels, and we contributed to surveys on pollinators and wildflowers. 

Despite the challenges of completing the Award during a lockdown, we were delighted to receive certificates for 31 pupils and parents.  Well done to everybody!