Things to do in the Lockdown Holidays.

School Breaks up at lunchtime tomorrow and we have a whole week of lockdown holiday to fill with fun. Here’s some ideas……

Snow Days

It is maybe going to snow again.

If it snows enough get out there and have some fun.

If you send your photos/videos of the below to his tech channels on teams or to @BennettTweets on Twitter when we get back Mr B will choose his top 3…



Snow Photos (taken by the kids not the grown ups).

Snow Day GIF by Demic

Chinese New Year

It’s chinese new year next week.

There’s plenty of chinese new year activities you could try…

It’s the year of the Ox so you could try these Ox craft ideas

Try chinese food like these kids

Learn about how people celebrate in China

Try making chinese foods:

Stir Fry:


Practice Your Pancakes

The first day back is Shrove Tuesday. This is the day before lent, a time of fasting in traditional Christian cultures, begins. Certain foods are not allowed during lent. One way to use them up was making pancakes.

So why not get practicing during February break.

Great Dalry Bake Off

Get your bake on and show us some showstoppers. If you want to post any pictures to the school twitter account feel free.

If you need ideas why not watch the Junior Bake Off 2021, which was on channel 4 last month.

Spicing Up a Walk

We’ve all done most of the walks available to us, but there are ways to make them more interesting…

Pokemon GO: Pokemon go is an app game on phones. If your grown ups don’t mind and are happy to go with you why not try hunting for Pokemon around Edinburgh. (DOES COST TO DOWNLOAD)

Frisbee Golf: Take a frisbee, how many throws does it take to walk around your local park. Least throws is the winner.

Orienteering: We recently shared a post about orienteering courses in Edinburgh. Click here to see it.

Colour Walks: Go on a walk even around town but take photos of a nominated colour for the day. When you get back make a collage (on phone/computer/ or print and do in real life).

Go for a dark walk with torches (and grown ups).

Maybe try to see the space station (today or tomorrow only)

See zoo animals on your walk by walking at Corstorphine Hill next to the zoo. You may even see a Mrs Honeyman in the wild there…

Where to Walk

There are great walks all over Edinburgh but you can get more ideas from this website

Don’t forget the John Muir Way goes along the canal and past Saughton Park on it’s way across Scotland. Learn more about it at the John Muir Way Website and in the sways Mr Bennett Makes for P5.

Other Things to do Outside

Dust off the scooter, roller skates or bike.

Fly a kite.

Buy one or some these books and try to get them completed (especially this one).


It’s a busy time of year in a real garden. You need to start preparing it for spring. If you have a vegetable garden that means lots of digging.

It can also mean lots of preparing of seeds to grow.

Why not try growing potatoes in a bucket or bag or try growing a herb box this spring.

You could make a digital garden in games like Minecraft or Animal Crossing if you play them. Grab some screenshots to show us if you like.

The most important thing though is…..

Have fun and take a break from school. It’s been a tough term. You deserve to choose your own stuff to fill your brain with.


If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

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