Try Orienteering

Just becasue we are in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t try new sports.

Orienteering is sort of like a treasure hunt. You go to all the points on a list (controls) and write down a code or take a stamp. You try to do this as quickly as possible.

Here’s video to give you an idea (not lockdown style)

The great news is there are some orienteering courses that have been set up in Edinburgh by ESOC (Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club) and can be used during lockdown. ESOC are a charity so please consider a donation if you use the course.

They aren’t super close to Dalry but if you don’t mind a walk or have a car you could use them for excercise. Don’t use public transport to get there during lockdown.

Remember to not touch the control posts as you go around. Just copy the codes down with a pen. And don’t forget to time yourself.

You can post your best times to Mr D or the School on twitter.

Here are the control lists and maps for each course.

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