Monthly Archives: Mar 2019

Parent Consultations

We held very successful Parents Consultations this week in school. The teachers, pupils and parents enjoyed learning conversations about the children’s progress and next steps.

The Pupil Council set up a very popular Healthy Snack stall to promote good choices for playtime snacks and also to include in lunch boxes.

Our P6 and P7 pupils consulted our parents on our new school vision, values and aims, as well as our teaching of languages at Dalry Primary School.

Book Review- The Midnight Gang

I have read “The Midnight Gang” and it was written by David Walliams.

There’s a boy who makes friends and joins in a gang which tries to make other people’s dreams come true. It is like Gangsta Granny and other David Walliams books. It was good because it was different from what I’ve read before.

I recommend this book to people who like animation or some pictures for representing the writing if not understood.

By Rishon

Book Review- The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes

I have read “The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes” by Soman Chainani.

It is about two girls how have been captured to go to a school which had once been The School for Good and Evil but is now the school for boys and girls. It is like nothing I have read before.

I recommend this book to people who like interesting books.

by Hannah.

P2A Space Explorers

Over the last few weeks primary 2a have been working hard on our space topic.

We have explored life on the international space station, investigated the planets, stars and moons in our solar system and learnt lots about how astronauts prepare for their journeys into space!
Last week we speculated about aliens… Do they exist? We don’t think so but we decided to make some Play-Doh versions ourselves have a look!

We also collected lots of recycling materials to create our very own rockets. We worked together in small teams to build the best rocket we could.

Make sure to take a look at our fabulous space pictures made with paper cuttings and oil pastels outside our classroom!

P6 Trip to Edinburgh Castle

P6 were at the castle learning about the Jacobites. We had a great time seeing the weapons and armour the Jacobites and Redcoats wore and we even went down to the dungeons!

We also had a great time doing a little bit of acting and dressing up in the clothes the Jacobites and Redcoats would have worn. We all had a fantastic going back in time to learning about the Jacobites!