P2 Roots of Empathy- Theme 4: Emotions

This month P2 have been learning about emotional literacy, to identify, name and feel comfortable about discussing emotions.

They have discovered that emotions are not good or bad, but pleasant or unpleasant. Also that everyone experiences the same emotions and that our temperament influences how we deal with them.

The children understand there are four core emotions of sadness, anger, fear and happiness. That they vary in how they are triggered and how long they last. From our family visit with Arthur, and his mum Miss Younger, the children recognised and named baby Arthur’s emotional cues and facial expressions. How he his mum reads his emotional cues to meet Arthur’s needs and makes him feel understood. The children really enjoyed their visit, asking Miss Younger lots of questions and sharing their experiences.

We also talked about different types of teasing and bullying behaviour, how this makes us feel and how talking about our emotions can help us manage them.

Please check out the children’s artwork on our Roots of Empathy noticeboard in Mrs McDermot’s classroom and www.rootsofempathy.org

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