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P7b put the B in Bikeability

Here are some few photos of P7B at Bikeability. P7B had a great time at Bikeability and enjoyed showing off their new riding skills.

The first photo shows the girls doing a ‘M’ check – checking the bike is safe to ride. All pupils worked really hard and were super at supporting each other. Mrs Clements was very impressed at their determination and confidence. Thanks to Miss Low for her excellent teaching!

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Sounds of Common Words in English

As with all languages some of our most common words in English are those associated with its grammar.

Some of these words are also among the trickiest to read straight from the page. So it is worthwhile spending time practicing reading these words with your child.

To be able to progress to fluent and simple reading it is vital that a child knows these common words.

You can support that learning at home with the sounds below and the other resources in our phonics resource pages.














(please note, this page is not finished. Lots more common words will be added soon, including female pronouns. These words simply happened to be in block 1 processed.)

Phonics Resources for Parents

We have recently added a new area to our parent zone pages hosting phonics resources for parents and carers to try out with their children at home.

You’ll find it here.

These resources include posters of all the letter sounds for you to work on reading and saying at home , great songs and videos to help learning and an audio catalogue of all the basic letter sounds.

When we teach in school we do so using the sounds of the letters rather than their names. We would encourage you to use these resources to help you to do the same at home.

Please check back to our phonics resources area often for new resources including common words (the, they, their etc) and digraphs of other common sounds in English (th, ck, sh etc).