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Explaining COVID-19 and Coronavirus to Small Children

A new free book, that is printable and also readable as a free PDF has been released.

It is available in a range of languages at

The direct link to the English version is

Our thanks to the Author and providers.

Latest EAL Translated Information Week Ending 27th March

In order to reduce the number of outgoing posts on the website to make it easier to read we will be making one post each week for translated documents.
As new ones come in we will update and add to that post.

This is the first post. Please check back regularly for any updates.

Free School Meal Closure Letters 26th March 2020

Here are some letters regarding the Free School Meal Closure Payments


Free School Meals school closure – no bank details ARABIC

Free School Meals school closure payment ARABIC


Free School Meals school closure – no bank details.POLISH

Free School Meals school closure payment.POLISH

Multilingual WhatsApp Appeal- Polish, Urdu, Arabic

The parent council have also asked us to ask if any parents can help by becoming an admin on the groups for some of these languages.

If the Polish, Arabic and Urdu parent could let the Parent Council know that they can do this admin role for the WhatsApp via the Parent Council Facebook messenger it would be much appreciated.

Arabic Closure Letter

أعزائي أولياء الأمور


خلال وقت إغلاق المدرسة أود التأكيد أنه إذا رغبتم التواصل مع المدرسة لأي سبب كان الرجاء إرسال أستفساراتكم على العنوان البريدي

سيتم مراقبة هذا العنوان يومياً و سيتم الرد على تساؤلاتكم  بأسرع ما يمكن.

إن كان من الصعب التواصل بالإنكليزية، الرجاء كتابة كلمة


في عنوان الرسالة و سيتم ترجمتها من قبلنا و الرد عليها.

يمكن أيضاً التواصل بالعربية على العنوان البريدي

ننصح أيضا. بإنشاء مجموعة تواصل على الواتس اب مع الأهالي العرب لتبادل الأراء لمواصلة دعم البعض للآخر خلال هذا الوقت الصعب


مع تحيات طاقم العمل في مدرسة دالراي الابتدائية

Dalry Parent Council Multilingual WhatsApp Groups

The Parent Council have worked to set up whatsapp groups in different languages to support us through the school closure period. Parents will be able to access support from one another using the groups to help with the understanding of pupil home learning and to support one another.

The groups are listed below.

Hello, please can you share with Parents these links to what’s app groups: