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COVID 19 Test Trace and Protect Translations

TEST and Protect information in community languages:

MECOPP have been working with Scottish Government to produce updated advice on Test and Protect information in community languages. They have produced voice-overs in community languages for the infographic which can be accessed here:

Cantonese version

Arabic version

Urdu version:

8 Translations of Edinburgh Council letter from 29th May

Please find linked below translations of the letter sent out on 29th of May from Edinburgh council.

Letter to Parents 290520 ARABIC

Letter to Parents 290520 Chinese SIMP (mainland China)

Letter to Parents 290520 Chinese TRAD

Letter to Parents 290520 ENGLISH

Letter to Parents 290520 POLISH

Letter to Parents 290520 ROMANIAN

Letter to Parents 290520 SPANISH

Letter to Parents 290520 TURKISH

Latest Covid-19 Advice in Multiple Languages

How people whose first or preferred language is not English can access
COVID-19 information on NHS inform channels

People whose first or preferred language is not English can get information about
coronavirus (COVID-19) in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Urdu on
NHS inform. Spanish and Punjabi translations will be added shortly.

All the translations are
published here:– please keep checking for updates.

People living in Scotland who don’t have any symptoms but are looking for general
information can call the coronavirus helpline. If you’re a non-English speaker you can still use
this service. Phone: 0800 028 2816, tell the call handler that you need an interpreter, give the
name of your preferred language and you will be connected to Language Line interpreter.
You will not have to pay for this

EAL Support Services and Resources for Early years

Below are links to two documents for EAL and BME support and resources.

If you are having trouble finding or understanding the support and information on this websites due to language barriers we can try to find you bilingual support if you get in contact.

Asian Language BBC COVID-19 Videos

Today the BBC ASIAN NETWORK tweeted out a video in 7 Asian languages telling you how to access their COVID-19 information videos in those languages.

That message video is linked here below

The actual information Videos can be found on the BBC Asian Network Twitter here

And on facebook.


Here are the links to the message videos in each language as below.








and Tamil