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Lockdown Time Capsule

While the time, pandemic and lockdown we are living through is challenging for us all it is also clearly one of the biggest things that has ever happened in history.

That means that you are a person in history, like a Victorian, or a Roman or Second World War child

So it is a great time to create a time capsule that will allow you and future people can see what is like to live as a child in The Great Lockdown.

Here is a template if you wanted to do this as an optional learning activity.

COVID Time Capsule 2020

Eggs Round up


Thanks to all the children, teachers and families who took part in the Dalry Primary Easter Egg Challenge.

As always the standard has been eggstremely high, lots of great designs and original ideas. Well done! It’s not too late to share your Easter eggs, especially if you want to do it in the holidays. Please continue to post your eggs to @Dalry1876, remembering to type #DalryEggs

You can look through all the pictures tweeted out on Twitter here on the hashtag #DalryEggs

Generation Science In the Nursery

Nursery had generation science out at the beginning of this week to explore the science behind sound through storytelling, use of props, demonstrations, discussions and instruments. The children were really engaged throughout the whole session, particularly when they had the chance to create and use their own instruments.
By the end of the session many children could name instruments and could tell the difference between high and low pitch using their own voices.


We enjoyed celebrating International Week in the nursery.  To start the week on Monday everyone was invited to wear clothes from their culture and Natalia even wore red and white clothes to represent the flag of Poland!

Keyan, Finn, Xionuan, and Tyler’s mum’s shared stories and songs from India, Australia and China with us and Mr Wong, our Hanen Mandarin teacher, led our ‘group time’ with all the children.

Families also sent us their photographs, which were added to our world map in the hallway, to reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of our nursery and school.