Home Learning for Week Commencing 25th January 2021

Welcome to our third week of home learning for lockdown 2.

It is important to note that this time around TEAMS will be available to all classes with the learning below, additional tasks, videos and face to face meetings all taking place there. Make teams your first place to look for learning.

For a general reminder of what to expect from digital Dalry also read Mrs Honeyman’s Newsletter from earlier in the month


Here are the Home Learning Documents for this week.

Guide to Supporting Learning at Home

Parents may find this support guide from Edinburgh council useful

Parent Guide Supporting Learning at Home


Mr D’s PE Learning.

MrD_PE EarlyLevel_Nursery and P1 PEwall

MrD_PE 1stLevel_P2-P4 PEwall

Mr D PE Second_level_P5-P7 PE_Wall


Music from Mrs Ewen

Click the padlet below for Mrs Ewen’s Scottish music learning

Made with Padlet

All Years


Mrs McLaughlin’s Art Wednesdays

Every Wednesday Mrs McLaughlin adds an optional art project for you to enjoy.

This week it’s Tartan Designs

tartan designs


Damian’s Art Projects

Back in October Friend of the school and local Artist Damian Callan sent some art projects for the next lockdown. Well here we are so here is art project number 3 if you want an extra task.


Here is this week’s Home Learning


2021.01.25.P1 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.p1 plan for home learning


P1/2 (All)

2021.01.25.P1-2 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.p1_2 Plan for Home Learning


P2 Class

2021.01.25.P2 Learning Grid

2021.01.P2 Plan for Home Learning



2021.01.25.P3a Home Learning Grid

2021.01.P3a Plan for home learning



2021.01.25.P3B Home Learning Grid

2021.01.P3b Plan for Home Learning


P4 (Both Classes)

2021.01.25.P4 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.p4 Plan for home learning


P5 (Mrs Clements)

2021.01.25.P5 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.P5 Plan for home learning



2021.01.25.P5-6 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.P5-6 Plan for Home Learning



2021.01.25.P6 Home Learning Grid

2021.01.P6 Plan for Home learning



2021.01.25.P7 Home Learning Grid

2021 11 01 Primary 7 Plan for Home Learning

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/languages

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