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Latest Covid-19 Advice in Multiple Languages

How people whose first or preferred language is not English can access
COVID-19 information on NHS inform channels

People whose first or preferred language is not English can get information about
coronavirus (COVID-19) in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Romanian, Slovak and Urdu on
NHS inform. Spanish and Punjabi translations will be added shortly.

All the translations are
published here:– please keep checking for updates.

People living in Scotland who don’t have any symptoms but are looking for general
information can call the coronavirus helpline. If you’re a non-English speaker you can still use
this service. Phone: 0800 028 2816, tell the call handler that you need an interpreter, give the
name of your preferred language and you will be connected to Language Line interpreter.
You will not have to pay for this

EAL Support Services and Resources for Early years

Below are links to two documents for EAL and BME support and resources.

If you are having trouble finding or understanding the support and information on this websites due to language barriers we can try to find you bilingual support if you get in contact.

Asian Language BBC COVID-19 Videos

Today the BBC ASIAN NETWORK tweeted out a video in 7 Asian languages telling you how to access their COVID-19 information videos in those languages.

That message video is linked here below

The actual information Videos can be found on the BBC Asian Network Twitter here

And on facebook.


Here are the links to the message videos in each language as below.








and Tamil

Polish Spotlight Competition

We’ve received the following information on a competition for Polish speaking families from the Stephen Spender trust.


Hi all,

We have just launched this year’s Polish Spotlight prize, which is an ideal activity for Polish-speakers to work on at home (with their parents, if they wish). Entrants translate a Polish poem into English, and write a short commentary about their translation.


We have curated a short list of fantastic poems for them to choose from, including lots by living poets. It’s a great way for Polish-speakers to engage with their heritage culture while practising the core literacy skills associated with translation.

The Spotlight is part of the national Stephen Spender Prize, which is for translation of any poem out of any language. In recent years we’ve received increasing numbers of entries from EAL pupils, and lots of positive feedback from them, EAL coordinators, parents and teachers. Please do spread the word amongst your pupils. The deadline is 17 July and we’ve made lots of virtual resources available here:


Explaining COVID-19 and Coronavirus to Small Children

A new free book, that is printable and also readable as a free PDF has been released.

It is available in a range of languages at

The direct link to the English version is

Our thanks to the Author and providers.

Latest EAL Translated Information Week Ending 27th March

In order to reduce the number of outgoing posts on the website to make it easier to read we will be making one post each week for translated documents.
As new ones come in we will update and add to that post.

This is the first post. Please check back regularly for any updates.

Free School Meal Closure Letters 26th March 2020

Here are some letters regarding the Free School Meal Closure Payments


Free School Meals school closure – no bank details ARABIC

Free School Meals school closure payment ARABIC


Free School Meals school closure – no bank details.POLISH

Free School Meals school closure payment.POLISH