P5 STEM Challenge

P5 were given the STEAM challenge of making a model of a famous French landmark. They spent a lot of times in groups trying out different structures, discussing what worked best and why.

Their structure had to be able to stand on its own, it had to be made up of the same shapes as the real landmark – which was a extra challenge when they only had cubes to use.  As you can see in the photos below all groups were successful and could explain the difficulties they had to overcome while constructing their model.

P5 Drama in International Week

P5 took part in a drama workshop as part of International Week. They had to use drama conventions such as still image to recreate part of a Chinese story that was written to teach people about honesty and integrity. In the story the Chinese Emperor set a competition to choose the next Emperor of China, contestants had to grow a plant from a tiny seed, whoever grew the tallest plant would be the next Emperor. The pupils had to design their own competition and create still images to portray.