Teams Password Problems and How To Guide

Ahead of the autumn parent consultations, and with particular thought to our P1 families and other new starts, here are both some general guides to using teams/365 which we made during the 2 lockdowns, along with a troubleshooting guide to dealing with signing in and password issues.


The digital learning team have changed the look of their website today (30/09/21). The button you click is now the one circled below not the learner’s login shown in the video.

Troubleshooting Teams Login

Here are some of the most common sign in issues to help with quick trouble shooting.

WONKY FONT ISSUES WITH PASSWORDS The font on the sign in sheet is outside our control and sadly has some confusing type issues.

First up it prints lower case letter L almost exactly the same as a number 1. There are two ways to spot this. Firstly the lower case L has a serif at the top which sticks out straight to the left, a right angle, while the 1 has the slightest of angles downwards.

Another classic issue is the confusion of letter o or O with the number 0.

To help spot these issues please be aware the format of the passwords is 6 letters (always including a single capital) followed by up to 2 numbers. So for example if your 1 is in the first 6 characters it’s actually a lower case L.

The default sign in sheets print out an email formatted (or similar). This is out of date for signing into the system but again outside the school’s control. Instead check you are using the format where needed. We have now got stickers or simple pen crossing out that should have corrected this.

MIXING UP EMAILS AND USERNAMES This is hard to explain in writing but essentially the “username” can either be the email as described above or just the number part. The video linked above should make this clearer.

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

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