Mr Bennett’s Tech Tuesday 9th March 2021

Here’s your last Tech Tuesday!

If you want to learn about tech and how to make your own apps and games this is the place to learn the skills!

All of these tasks are extra, fun, things to do, not must complete tasks, so only attempt it if you fancy it after your other work.

Quiz Time

This Friday is the P4-P7 Clan Quiz.

We’ll be using forms to answer this quiz.

But did you know you can create your own quizes in forms?

Here’s a video about how to do that. Ignore the bit at the end for teachers about posting to assignments.

So why not try it yourself?

Maybe you could set a quiz on your favourtie subject for your class and post it using the share link feature onto your class playground/kids chat or tech channel.

P6 and P7 Optional Advanced task.

Another interesting feature of forms is branching. This is when the answer you give to a question leads decides which is the next question.

Branching guide

Maybe you could use this idea to create a quiz that gets harder if you are finding it too easy and easier if you are finsing it too hard?

(TOP FACT: This is actually how Sumdog Works, If you are getting questions right it gives you harder questions. If you get them wrong it gives you easier questions.)

Have fun coding and building Digital Dalry!

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