A Mine of Information From @NatMiningMuseum

The National Mining Museum (one of our regular holiday fun suggestions) have created a brand  webpage, “Learning at Home with the Mining Museum” .

It has three brand new Resource Packs complete with fact sheets, wellbeing check-in and hands-on activities which can be completed using items you have at home!

Activities focus on STEMSocial StudiesLiteracy, Outdoor Learning and Arts & Crafts. In addition they are offering every child or young person the opportunity to earn their very own, personalised, Mine of Information Certificate from us when they complete any one activity!

So if you are looking for more activities away from the schoolwork coalface why not dig into what they are offering?


Our resource pack topics include:

  1. Rocks, Fossils and Energy
  2. Victorian Miners
  3. Coalmine Detectives

All our resources are completely FREE, no sign-up required, and can be downloaded from our website here.

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