Home Learning Grids Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Here are the Home Learning Grids and Documents for this week.


Mr D’s PE Learning

Dalry P1  PE Grid (also appropriate for nursery)

dalry P2-P4 PE Grid pdf

Dalry P5-P7 PE grid


Music Scavenger Hunts from Mrs Ewen

Early Level Sound Hunt

First Level Sound Scavenger Hunt

Second Level Sound Scavenger Hunt



Home learning grid 27th April – P1 Miss Low


P1/2 (P1s)

27 April P12 – P1 LG


P2 Classes (including P2s in P1/2)

27 April P12 – P2 LG


P3 Classes

27th April 2020 P3 Home Learning Grid

P3 Maths Pages 27 April 2020

P3 Word Page 27 April 2020

P3 Spelling plural s 27 april 2020



Primary 4 Week 4 Home learning Grid 27.4.20

P4 spelling grids


P5/4 and P5

27 April 2020 P5.4 Learning Grid

27 April 2020 P5.4 and P5 Spelling List

27 April 2020 P5 Learning Grid

Orca lesson 2 27 April 2020 Whale Words P5#

Orca lesson 1 ANSWERS P5



P6 (assignments may also be set in TEAMS online learning site)

27 April 2020 P6 Learning Grid


P7 (assignments may also be set in TEAMS online learning site)

P7 Learning Grid 27th April 2020

P7 spelling 3&4



Edinburgh Zoo and the Confucius institute Scotland have put all the resources for the Beyond the Panda project online.

Beyond the Panda Resources

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