Sumdog: A Guide For Parents

Dalry Primary uses Sumdog, the online maths learning tool, in school.

Your child can also use their account at home.

Each child will receive a Sumdog sign in which will let them play the games at home and add coins and achievements to their school accounts. Look out for this sign in information in the coming weeks.

Your child’s account is free to use and will never request any micro-payments. It will also travel with them up through the school.

When your child starts into Sumdog there will be a short period of getting used to the site and then it will perform an extended diagnostic test to set the level for the questions they need to tackle. As a result of this test children can then play the same games against one another but be answering questions at their own level.

In order for the diagnostic test to work properly it is vital that parents don’t help their child to work out the answers. If they do the questions will likely be set as too hard, which while Sumdog will, over time, correct itself could lead to your child not enjoying, and therefore not using, this brilliant resource to the fullest extent they could.

Over the coming year class teachers will be able to set specific challenges linked to the curriculum and the school will be able to compete with others across Scotland, the UK and the World in Sumdog set contests.

Watch out for news of these on our website and we hope you and your child enjoy Sumdog.

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