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Pupil Council Meeting Easter 2018

Just before the Easter break the pupil council met to discuss a range of issues icluding assemblies and reading areas.

The children all agreed that they would like changes to assemblies. We will continue to have whole school assemblies for sharing learning class assemblies as they really like this, but the building resilience introduction assemblies will be split into age groups. Sharing assemblies for building resilience will still be whole school and we can review this after the next one.

Clan points and certificates will be given out at either stage or whole school assemblies, as the council felt the children were really engaged with this, and also the weekly tea party for Pupil of the Week.

BIg SIng will also change this term as the younger children in particular said they find this a really noisy and unpleasant experience.

The plans for developing a new reading corner in each class sound exciting and the children all reported back with a wee progress update to hear what each class is doing. They are all very enthused with this project.

The two big areas that Pupil Council want to focus on this term are litter in the playground and the toilets.