Don’t Lose Your Lunchbox!

This picture is of a small section of our football playground at the end of a lunchtime.

We of course always try to reunite lunchboxes, tiffin tins and tupperwares with their owners at the time but as you can see from the picture the amount of lost items, and number lacking identifying features, can make be hard.

Sadly our lost property turns into a lunchbox mountain over the course of a term.

So if you can in any way mark your boxes with a name that would be very helpful. Either written in permament marker on the box, written on masking tape on the box or a proper name sticker. Even just a big sticker with a picture on that help’s the child identify their box and be a bit keener to care for it can help.

If you have lost a lunchbox or any property remember to check lost property.

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

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