P2 and P2/3 Enjoy Roots of Empathy

This term we have been able to start our Roots of Empathy lessons.

The children have been learning how to understand other people’s feelings and their own. The program has been modified so that the children get to know our Roots of Empathy family: baby Mila and mum Caroline through videos and photographs. The lessons are delivered by instructor Mrs Harris-Toner and our ‘little teacher’ is baby Mila. The children have really enjoyed getting to know baby Mila and hear her news.
The children have shared their feelings and experiences through their artwork and the roles they have at home and in school. Last week the children had lots of fun learning about and demonstrating how baby Mila uses body language to communicate her feelings. 
For more information please ask Mrs Harris-Toner and Miss Low. Also check out http://www.rootsofempathy.org

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