Netflix, Squid Games and Parental Controls

Are you concerned about your child watching inappropriate content online? Even if you use the browser controls to block inappropriate websites many streaming services, from Netflix to Disney + host content designed for adults and teens that would be very inappropriate for any child in our school to be viewing.

Sometimes the labels and postings may look child friendly but be anything but. The latest example we are hearing about in school is Squid Games which, with playground games and hot pastel colours the sets look at a glance like it may be a kid’s game show. But it is actually a bloodsoaked, ultra-violent, satirical drama for adults.

The streamers do flag this content with age ratings, but kids are unlikely to notice, read or respect those every time.

To protect children from viewing this content accidentally all mainstream video streaming sites have also have parental controls which just take a moment to set up. Without these switched on though your child is only a click or two away from sexually explicit, violent content and depictions of drug taking. So taking a few minutes to turn protections on is worthwhile.

We’ve linked to videos below to help you quickly set the parental controls on the most popular services.



Amazon Prime Video

BBc iPlayer

BBFC general Parents Guide to Ratings

If you need support to read this webpage or online letter via translation into an additional language please contact the translation service using this link

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