Edinburgh Primaries Youth Climate Summit

Some of our newly selected climate reps in P6 and P7 attended the first Edinburgh Primaries Youth Climate Summit online this week.

They discussed all the things we are doing at Dalry to be more sustainable, including recycling, learning about the environment, litter reduction and most of all our current project to grow food at the school supported by Love Gorgie Farm.

They also expressed their hopes for things that could change in school. One was that they would love to see a green electricity source, like wind or solar power installed. Another was that there be more recycling in the playground. One of the other schools pointed out that tetrapacks (especially milk and water cartons) are not always put in the recycling by the children and that tap water as an alternative would be even better.

Lots of great ideas from the children involved that will be carried forward and discussed by the council’s education team.

Our climate reps this year are

P6 Shamaillah and Hassan

P7a Aarush and Sieanna

P7b Juan and Sara

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