P7 Goodbye and 2020 Awards

P7 pupils visited the playground yesterday as part of their transition project to leave their goodbye messages to one another and to the school.

We surprised Raul in P6, who was visiting with his sister Christina, by presenting him with the Citizenship Award. Raul was presented with this award for consistently demonstrating our school values. ‘Together we are respected, responsible, included and kind’.

Later that afternoon Aoife was surprised when she arrived and was presented with The Cup of Kindness for demonstrating a consistently kind and caring attitude throughout her time at Dalry.

Mr D popped into the playground an presented both Meda and Andrei with his Mr D PE Superstar awards. It was lovely to see so many of our P7 pupils and their parents one final time across the day safely  in a socially distanced manner.

Thanks to Miss Curran for organising the transition event so well, and for taking the time to say goodbye to her children and their families who were able to visit as part of their daily exercise.

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