Roots of Empathy- Update From Our Babies and Families

Hello P2,

Below you’ll find some messages from our Roots of Empathy families and Babies.


Message from Harry and his mum Kirsty:

Harry is doing really well. He’s now crawling, which is great. And he’s very fast. He whizzes across the floor. Today he was walking with his walker on his own. He also has his first tooth coming through, which is a little sore for him and wakes him up at night. He’s getting a big boy now though as you can see on the photos. He really misses the children at Dalry and hopes to see them again soon. He says a big ‘hello’. He’s also looking forward to his first birthday this month.

Message from Jamie and his mum Maxine:

Jamie and I are missing seeing you and the children, and we hope home learning is going well for everyone.   Jamie has come on leaps and bounds in the last month, it’s quiet unbelievable! He has started crawling, pulling himself up onto furniture, he loves clapping and he can feed himself finger foods without throwing them on the floor! He now likes strawberries, raspberries, olives and broccoli. He does not like tuna or cucumber! When I sing him the welcome song to Jamie, he ALWAYS responds with a big smile.

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