P7 Home Learning Tips

Miss Curran has put together some Home Learning tips for her class.

P7 Top Tips for online learning!

Hi P7! Here are a few wee nuggets of information to help you access your learning as best as possible. REMEMBER, we are all new to this way of learning and there will be hiccups along the way!


  1. WEEKLY Home Learning grids will be posted on the school website and on TEAMS each Monday morning (This is to be done through the week, not in one day!).


  1. Try your best to follow the class timetable but work at your own pace, it’s not a competition! This is on the school website and on TEAMS.



  1. TRY to do any learning through TEAMS if possible. Follow these steps…

-Click on Class Notebook

-Click on the arrow (top left) which will drop down

-Click on your name to reveal each topic file

-Select the subject you are learning about

-Date and title each new page you do


  1. If Class Notebook isn’t working do the tasks in your jotter/paper and post a photo of it to Twitter or TEAMS (if possible).


  1. If a website or TEAMS isn’t working don’t worry! Try something else and go back to it later 😉



  1. Most tasks will be set online. However, you will need to look at your TJ/Heinemann books for numeracy and maths. The pages will be set on the WEEKLY Home Learning grid for each group.


  1. Each week there will be extra Spelling, Reading and Maths tasks on Sumdog. Complete if you can.


  1. I will be posting Tweets on Twitter daily. Please get your parents permission to get an account or get them to use their own account. Our P7 Twitter is @UpdatesCurran and Mr D is @pe_mrd


  1. I will be on TEAMS chatroom each day to help. Please try to only use this for learning conversations and questions with me and your friends.

If you just fancy a wee chit chat with your pals please use something else.


Most importantly… don’t stress, be kind to each other and be safe!


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