Roots of Empathy- Latest News

Recently P2 were learning about how crying is a baby’s main means of communication, that babies are just letting us know they need help. Letting their parent/caregiver know they have a physical or psychological need.
The children were delighted to have their second visits from baby Harry and his mum Kirsty and baby Jamie and his mum Maxine, they helped the children understand that a baby’s temperament determines the frequency, intensity and duration of their crying. Kirsty and Maxine shared their experiences of being a parent and both babies Harry and Jamie were happy to do some gentle exercises to show us how much they had developed since their last visits. P2A sangHarry’s favourite song Five Little Speckled Frogs and he showed the children how much he enjoyed it with lots of smiles and kicking his legs.  Whilst P2B and P2’s in Mrs McDermot’s class received lots of smiles from baby Jamie when they sang The Wheels on the Bus.
In addition P2 discovered many techniques for soothing a crying baby such as cuddling, walking, talking, singing, gently rocking and that each baby has their own unique preferences for being soothed. Also that a persistently crying baby can cause a parent/caregiver to become frustrated, the children discussed different strategies to help them cope.

For more information please ask Mrs Harris-Toner, Miss McArthur, Mrs Chadwick and MrsMcDermot. Also check out our Roots of Empathy notice board in P2B’s classroom

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