P2 Roots of Empathy: Caring and Planning for Baby

This month P2 have been sharing their experiences of losing teeth and growing new ones through stories and artwork.

The children enjoyed baby Arthur and his mum Miss Younger visiting us to tell us all about being a parent and how she is coping with Arthur just beginning to start teething. Also the children were delighted to see Arthur sitting up and experiencing his world in a different way.

The children were able to relate to how Arthur must be feeling about teething and to give Miss Younger suggestions on how to soothe him.

The theme focused on how caring and planning for baby during their first year is demanding, exciting and a challenging responsibility. Also that caring for babies involves routines, eg. bathing, feeding and changing baby, and that some babies thrive on routines.

In addition the children discovered that parents learn to recognise baby’s way of showing his/her needs and how to respond to those needs. As well as spending huge amounts of time, energy and resource feeding, changing nappies, comforting, dressing, undressing and bathing baby. Also that these simple interactions play an important role in baby’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Finally that the more a parent can turn these routines into to opportunities for playful and loving interactions. The more a baby can achieve a secure attachment, become competent and cope positively with life.

Please check about the Roots of Empathy notice board in Mrs McDermot’s classroom and www.rootsofempathy.org.

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