Read Write Count Home Learning Box Feedback

During our Read Write Count event last Friday we launched the Home Learning Box

We had some great feedback from parents on it that we thought we would share. Thanks to all who came and all who gave feedback.

“Great ideas in the Read, Write, Count packs.  The information morning was useful to see what was on offer.”

“I think it’s a great idea to make homework fun.  I can definitely see my kids doing more homework at home and having fun.”

“All the kids seemed to like it and enjoyed their parents being involved.  The maths resources will help one of my kids more. I had a good time today.”

“Playing is very important for children.  They are learning lots of methods.  This will definitely be helpful in the future.  Thank you for that.”

“Loved the story cubes and the clocks.  Could we maybe have resources to support tying laces?”

“Loved it! Great to see the classroom environment and ideas for learning at home.”

“Great fun.  Variations of known games were a great idea and very engaging.”

“Great fun! Thank you very much for all the effort and care.”

“Thank you very much.  I was having great fun with my son and other kids.  Excellent organisation.”

“I like the idea of the Read, Write, Count Event.  This helps our child to learn more and for parents.  We will be happy to borrow some of the games to practice at home with our children. To share quality time with the children to support learning is great.”

“I found the activities very useful and really helps children to think and use their minds also build new skills, which is good for learning and studying.”

“Great choice of games!”

“Good work and a variety of resources.  I would love to see it again.”

“It is really nice family learning time.  Materials are good too and an easy was for children to learn.”

“Excellent thinking.  Kids can explore more things.  Thanks for the opportunity.”

“Thanks for inviting us into the classrooms.  It was good to see what the children are doing.”

“Such fun filled activities that are not only interesting but makes parents spend time with their kids.  Kids can enjoy and learn.”

“Great activities, very fun, learning through play – we enjoyed it.”

“Great fun activities and a good scope to learn things they can easily remember.  Good time to spend.”

“It’s a nice experience.  I love to see my daughter happy and proud explaining what she has learned.”

“Very lovely atmosphere seeing all children engaging with the activities.  Very good teacher.  I can see all the trust the children have in the teacher.  Totally enjoyable.”

“It’s been great to spend some time with my daughter and other kids playing and doing activities.  It helps me to understand what they may be doing on a daily basis and that learning can be fun!”

“Really funny activities! We have had a really great time together! I’ve been very lucky being here with my niece and her friends!”

“It’s a really nice and happy experience in the classroom.  I loved your criteria of teaching kids without any burden.  They are all brilliant.  I am happy to see the growth of my child.”

“Loved the games we will definitely be using some.”

“It was great fun having extra time to play.”

“This way of learning is wonderful.  I really enjoyed this and I also learned the studies through playing.”

“It’s a great idea as children really enjoyed learning through playing, storytelling, monopoly, the keys or card games – just pure fun.”

“Enjoyed cards and dominoes.”

“Amazing experience, nice to see different activities and be involved.”

“Interesting and educational.”

“A good opportunity to keep parents up to date and see how their children are doing.”

“It’s exciting to explore the knowledge of the kids.”

“Really great to spend time in the classroom and meet my child’s friends.  Good to get new ideas – just hard to find time to fit things in.”






“Always nice to be in school with the kids to see what they do every day, the environment they enjoy and a great idea that they are learning in a nice way.  Active learning.  I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and felt happy for my son and his peers.  They are in safe hands.  Now it is easier to understand why they don’t need extra ‘work’ to do at home.  Really appreciate all your effort and can’t thank you enough.  This feedback is always growing positively as long as we are part of this amazing environment.  Thanks a million!”

“This session is really helpful for the parents to know about the child’s activities in the class.  I thoroughly enjoyed this activity, sitting next to my son in his class.  This is my best experience.”



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