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Nursery Newsletter Term 4 2016/17



Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to all our new and returning children we hope you had a lovely Easter! As we begin the final term of this school session we have lots of news to share with you.


We will soon circulate our Parent Programme for this term. ‘Woodland Explorers’ will return for our pre-school children to experience outdoor learning. Many other activities are also planned including trips to Gorgie Farm, a Spring Fayre, swimming lessons, special events for our children who will be moving on to Primary 1 and an end of year family party and ‘Big Sing’.



We are required to have a ratio of one adult per two children on trips and we would like to thank everyone who helps us get out and about by accompanying us. We appreciate that not all parents/carers are able to join us trips and when we have capacity to take more children on a trip we prioritise pre-schoolers since ante-preschool children will have further opportunities to go on outings in their next year. We keep records of those children who have been on trips to ensure fairness.


Now that spring is here we would like you and your child to decorate our Achievement and Ambition Tree with lovely ‘blossom’. You are invited to take a blossom and complete it with an ‘I can . . .’ and ‘I would like to . . .’ statement about one of your child’s achievements and an ambition they have for their next step in learning, add their name and pin it to the tree. You will find what you need: blossom, pens and tacks, at the notice board. We hope you and your child enjoy it!


We will be giving your child a ‘Celebration’ song booklet and sponsor sheet later this term. Your child can select which songs they would like to learn and get sponsors to support and encourage them and raise money for their playground! Their involvement in fundraising develops their role as ‘Enterprising Individuals’ and ‘Effective Contributors’ to the life of our school.   We will have a ‘Big Sing’ concert at the end of term to celebrate.


The school website has recently been ‘refreshed’ – please take a look! Clicking Nursery News on the Dalry Nursery tab will bring you to our photograph gallery. Scroll down on this page and you will find our ‘Weekly Learning’ with details of our current topic, story, song, word of the week and a diary of the week’s other activities.


All parents should have received log-in details to access their child’s PLP on-line. Please remember you can add comments to any of our observations and add observations of your own too using the Parent Contribution tab. Your comments and observations help us to work in partnership with you to support your child’s learning. If you have any queries, please speak to a member of staff.


At Dalry we are always striving to ensure we provide the best possible experiences for our children and families and we greatly value your comments and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent questionnaire. A summary of your feedback and our planned action can be found on our display wall. We will soon be putting up a ‘comment box’ in our hallway for everyone to use.


We will celebrate children’s birthdays by making a cake with them in nursery and having a party in the classroom with their friends.   We kindly ask you not to bring sweets or party bags as some of our children are not allowed these.


We successfully applied for a grant to buy new books for our Bedtime Stories – they have now arrived and are ready for you to borrow. All the books are lovely stories but also have a link to different mathematical concepts such as size and number. Please only borrow one book at a time, sign it ‘IN and ‘OUT’ in either the ‘Girls’ or ‘Boys’ Borrowing Book and put it in one of the bags available before taking home. If you haven’t used ‘Bedtime Stories’, it is very easy! Just talk to a member of staff or take one of our ‘Bedtime Stories’ leaflets which are on the side of the Bedtime Stories trolley. If you would like to volunteer for to help us run Bedtime Stories please let us know – your help would be greatly appreciated!


We would like you to be able to share the achievements your child has made at home, however big or small, from putting on their shoes to learning to ride their scooter or tidying up their room. We have put up an ‘Ambition and Achievement’ tree on one of the display boards in the hallway. Now that it is winter we would like you and your child help us to decorate the tree with ‘snowflakes’. We would like you to take a snowflake and complete it with an ‘I would like to . . .’ and ‘I can . . .’ statement about one of your child’s ambitions and achievements, add their name and pin it to the tree. You will find what you need: snowflakes, pens and tacks, at the notice board. We hope you and your child enjoy it.


Dalry Primary School has a Parent Council which meets regularly and new members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining please contact the School Office.


It is vitally important that we are able to contact you while your child is at nursery. Please keep your mobile phone on at all times and let us know of any changes to your address and/or telephone numbers or collecting arrangements. If you know in advance that your child is going to be off nursery e.g. for a holiday or medical procedure, please write a short letter to the nursery with the dates your child will be off.


The nursery will be closed on Monday 1 May, May Day; Thursday 4 May, staff only day to coincide with Scottish local government election; Monday 22 May, Victoria Day. Term ends Friday 30 June 2017.


You may find the information on the following sites useful:

SAINSBURY VOUCHERS – we are collecting these. Every year these vouchers enable us to by sports items and we would very much appreciate your contributions – a collection box is available in the hallway.     Lots of games and activities to develop language   Healthy Eating  Information on free Fruit & Veg, Milk Powder and Vitamins    packed with ideas and activity suggestions

AND FINALLY!   Pease take the time to look at our noticeboards and displays where you a will find out more about ‘life’ in the nursery and the wider community and see examples of the children’s work.

* * * * * * *

We hope this information has been useful to you.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff we are always happy to be of help.

P4 NMS Egyptian Tomb Visit

During our visit to the National Museum of Scotland we enjoyed learning all about the tomb of ordinary Egyptian people, a police captain and his family. We looked at coffins, shrouds, statues, amulets and other amazing artefacts.

Following that we had a great time taking part in a “Death in Ancient Egypt” workshop. We tried out some gory mummification techniques and held some ancient objects, the oldest being 3000 years old!

If you want to know more about the exhibition you can visit the museum website.

What a super way to finish up our topic. We are all budding Egyptologists now!


P4 returned from the Easter break to some great news.

Our very own Amber Webb has become the first pupil from Dalry Primary School to ever make it through the first round of BBC Radio 2’s 500 Word Competition!

The competition is a story writing contest and the BBC describes it as:

Entrants write an original story on any subject or theme in 500 Words or fewer and submit it online. If they win, their story will be read live on the radio by a superstar celebrity…like Julie Walters, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Jeremy Irons, or Sherlock himself – Benedict Cumberbatch. Each year, 10 million Radio 2 listeners hear, read and love these stories.”

If you want to know more about the contest you can read about it on the BBC website.

We were so excited to hear that out of 131,798 entries, hers was one of 5000 chosen to go through to the next round.

Well done Amber and good luck!