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Settling into P1

Settling into P1– The children in P1 have been settling in well to their new classroom and making good use of the play opportunities. Here are some of their comments- ‘I love to play,’ Lena. ‘I was painting with my friend Sam,’ Fareeha. ‘I like to share the train tracks and make buildings,’ Arav. ‘I like to tidy up!’ Haasini.

Nursery Toy Library Trio

Parents and carers were invited to join us on a visit this wonderful local resource which has over 240 toys you and your child can borrow and a playgroup too, all based at St Martin’s Church every Monday morning and just 5 minutes from the school along Dalry road!  

Stuart Campbell introduced the adults to the Toy Library resources and explained how to access and use their on-line catalogue and book resources which can then be pick-up at St Martin’s.  Why spend lots of money on expensive toys which your child may soon grow tired of when you can borrow what they want for 50p for up to three weeks at a time. 

The children had a great time too playing with the toys available at the playgroup!!!

Thank you to all the parents/carers children who joined us and Stuart and all the staff at ST Martin’s.

Edinburgh Mulitcultural Festival

On 4th October, Friday, between 3pm and 5pm Edinburgh Mulitcultural Festival are hosting free storytelling sessions taking us on a journey through China, India and Eastern Europe. Fong Liu, Gaudi Raje and Daiva Ivanauskaitė will present fascinating stories from different corners of the world and storytelling traditions at the Drumbrae Library and Community Hub. We would be delighted if your teachers and pupils joined us on the day.

As part of the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival programme, we will be also hosting two days (5th and 6th October) filled with music, dance and visual arts at Edinburgh College Granton Campus. For more information about the festival and to book free tickets, please go to or at

Changes to CHAI

As you may be aware,since the 2019 school summer break, CHAI will be focusing their Advice provision in South-West Edinburgh as part of the new ‘Maximise!’ project working with the WHEC Schools Cluster.  This means that CHAI have had to end their partnership with Dalry Primary School since the end of the Summer term. Although there will no longer be the usual fortnightly appointments available, Mrs Mason will be happy to support you to contact CHAI or you can  contact them independently on:


CHAI Advice Service: 0131 442 1009