Dalry Chess Club

Chess Club

Dalry Primary have a chess club that meets on Wednesday lunchtimes in the Support for Leaning room (the old Art Room) and also as a masterclass on Fridays.

In 2013, the Head Teacher invited Gorgie Dalry Chess Club to teach chess at one of several “master classes” for P3-P7, last period on some Fridays. Club players Stewart Good and Bill Hynd now take the chess master classes. They have run other successful school chess clubs and are retired. Bill, a former Principal Teacher, teaches basic chess principles before the children play supervised games.

Stewart and Bill started a regular chess club in 2014. It also meets in the Support for Learning base, on Wednesdays during lunch break, 12.30-1.15. All P3-P7 pupils are welcome, with no charge. Attendance varies, around 15 normally. Stewart often gives a short lesson on an aspect of chess.

The club operates internal competitions, with prizes, and friendly games. A Dalry team and individuals play in Lothian Junior Chess tournaments, and occasionally win prizes. Parents sometimes help at the club and tournaments, which is always appreciated.

The school gives good administrative and financial support.