Dalry Primary Uniform Information

Dalry Primary’s school uniform is available to order from the school office or from the supplier Border Embroideries

The key elements of the School Uniform are:

  • School Sweatshirt (Uniform version available)
  • White polo shirt (Uniform Version available but plain from supermarket etc. also acceptable)
  • Darker grey trousers or skirt (Buy from supermarket etc.)

Additional uniform items and suggestions are:

  • Optional light blue Dalry polo shirt (unform version available)
  • Dalry Fleece Jackets (uniform version available)
  • Clan T-Shirts (also usable for PE) (uniform version available)
  • Reversible Dalry Jackets. (uniform version available)
  • Gym Bag (uniform version available)
  • P7 Sweatshirt (uniform version available)
  • Socks and shoes- Please supply sturdy and sensible footwear. Grey socks and black shoes suggested but not required. Please note we do not allow heelies at school. Please also note that in light rain we will try to still give the children outdoor playtimes so on wetter days please dress your child in appropriate footwear and coat.


Our suppliers have issued a how to flyer to help you access their online ording any time but particularly right now during COVID-19 restrictions. There is a copy on our recent post if you click here.