Vision, Values and Aims


We see children as the true wealth of our nation, our community and our school. We value the partnership between home and school which puts your child, our pupil first. We believe that children deserve the very best we can all provide in order to allow them to develop to their full potential. To achieve this success, it is necessary to sustain an ethos where children can flourish in a school which values their individual needs and provides them with the tools to make a genuine success of their future lives.


Developing Confidence    Building Learning    Having Fun

Aims of the school

  • We aim to create a school climate which strives towards continuous improvement.
  • We aim to create a warm, welcoming ordered learning environment which strives to meet the needs of its members and raises their self-esteem.
  • We aim to have an ethos where teachers can teach and pupils can learn. Where we are continually looking towards new frontiers in teaching and learning.
  • We aim to promote a self-supporting clan which values individual diversity and the contribution this can make to the enrichment of our community as a whole.
  • We aim to provide a challenging academic climate which drives up our standards of education and celebrates achievement, encourages success where individuals take responsibility and a pride in their own learning.
  • We aim to have a school where all staff can enjoy the benefits of a CPD scheme which gives them access to professional development.