Beavers at Dalry

A Beaver Colony and Cub Pack were established at Dalry in 2014.

We currently have 10 Beavers & 12 Cubs, we do a great variety of activities, from Arts & Crafts, Games and cooking to trips out and about, we also recently had our first Beaver/Cub Sleepover which was a great fun.
Children can join Beavers from 5.5yrs old and Cubs can join from 7.5yrs old.
If you’d like to see some of what we get up to you can have a look at our Facebook page
And if you’d like anymore information please contact Group Scout Leader Angela at
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The Cubs raised £112.40 at their bake sale on Wednesday 22nd March for Comic Relief. As well as learning about all the things comic relief do round the world, all the work they’ve done will go towards a challenge badge and and a couple of activity badges (and the beavers will get a little something for all their help with the baking).