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2 thoughts on “About Dalry

  1. Kulahmet

    Hello there,

    I hope you are having a great Friday.

    My name is Kulahmet, from Kazakhstan. Married, have four kids. My occupation is a Head of department in a governmental organization.

    Recently my wife and I have made a decision to study English in one of the language schools in Edinburgh (about one year). I know quite a lot about hospitable, safe and touristic Edinburgh, that is why a Scottish capital city was chosen.

    As you know being abroad without family could effect negatively for studying, so we would like to take our kids with ourselves. A local touristic agency said that my wife and I have to apply a type of visa: “C student visitor” for adults and “C student visitor child” for our kids.

    Dalry Primary school were highly recommended by my friend whose kids attended your school a couple of years ago. Therefore we really want our children to study in your school.

    However, before applying docs, I have to be sure that chosen types of visa are right. So my question is can my children attend your school with a type of visa “C student visitor child”.
    Thanks a lot!

    Kulahmet Beketov


    1. Dalry Primary Edinburgh Post author

      Hello Kulahmet, Unfortunately we are unable to advise on which type of visa that you require. When you have found a property in Edinburgh you can visit the school to complete enrolment paperwork for your children. We have spaces at some, but not all, stages of the school. Usually families enrol in their catchment school when they have found a property to rent or buy.



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