Diwali at Dalry

posted 1st November 2016

Diwali 2016

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Diwali 12th November 2015

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There are so many things at Dalry that make us smile. Yesterday in the staffroom it was brilliant seeing our mums all cooking with Sukla, Shafa and Kiran guiding! Today we had the big celebration and so many people joined in.

We really are unique in the way that we support this and I wanted to say thanks to all who make the experiences for our pupils so rich and such good fun.

A special thanks to Mrs Roy who has worried for hours and could open a Sari shop!

Well done all!

On Thursday 12th Novembrer the Early Level had a  Diwali Celebration.  This was celebrated with food, dancing and activities and was very well attended by parents too.  A big thank you to Sukla, Shafa and Kiran for all the hard work they put into cooking such delicious  and bringing the ‘community’ together to make it a great occasion.


The Nursery Team